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Baby Wrist & Sock Rattles (4 Piece)

Baby Wrist & Sock Rattles (4 Piece)

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These plush baby wrist & sock rattles set provide a fun and interactive way for babies to develop their sensory and motor skills. Made with soft, comfortable materials, they are gentle on delicate skin with rattles and crinkles inside, making noise when shaken. The rattles also encourage hand-eye coordination and grasping. Perfect for new parents or baby shower gifts.

Great for: 

  • Promoting hand-eye coordinated development
  • Improving motor skills
  • Bright stimulating colours
  • Washable and Durable

Wrist Rattles Length: Approx 15cm (fit for baby's wrist within 13cm);

Socks Size: Approx 15 x 6 cm (fit for baby's feet within 10cm long, Ankle circumferences within 12cm)*

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